Sondek THERM

The SONDEK THERM line of WiFi temperature controllers has been specially designed to monitor and manage any type of industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment. Temperature control systems have a wide range of applications and play an essential role in various sectors, ensuring the optimal operation of their activities and production processes. These sectors include the … Continue reading

Sondek NODO IoT

The SONDEk NODO IoT sensor system allows for the creation of a technological infrastructure within a building, regardless of its purpose, to monitor various environmental and consumption parameters with the aim of improving habitability, energy efficiency, and overall well-being. SONDEk NODO IoT consists of various detectors designed to capture and measure a wide range of … Continue reading


EK technological solutions have been successfully installed in multiple hotels in more than 20 countries. From city hotels mainly oriented to guests on business trips to large tourist resorts in world-class vacation destinations, EK solutions significantly exceed the expectations and demands of each of these infrastructures. To get access to a small sample of some … Continue reading

Technological solutions for hospitality industry

EK offers the hotel sector with a wide range of technological solutions which meet the current needs and requirements in terms of connectivity and entertainment. Based upon in-house technology, EK has a wide range of professional equipment which enables the generation of multimedia environments produced in hotels, either by upgrading existing infrastructures without any works … Continue reading


EK HOTEL TV BASIC is EK’s new platform for the distribution of multimedia content in hospitality settings. In addition to allowing the organization and distribution of audio / video services in IPTV format to the rooms, be it IP multicast or Web TV (RTMP, HLS,…), the system also allows the management of digital signage screens … Continue reading


EkCAST improves the guests’ multimedia experience in their hotel rooms, allowing them to enjoy both their own multimedia content and their streaming providers on the TV screen.    Users will feel at home as they enjoy watching the main streaming platforms on the television, both on video (YouTube®, Netflix®, HBO®, PrimeVideo®, Disney®+, Rakuten®…) and in … Continue reading


The television offer in hotels continues being one of the fundamental services for guests.  Variety of programming and image quality. All this is possible with the CM Headend, flexible and intelligent transmodulation based on the state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology. Having a significant variety of modular format equipment for simple scalability, the range has transmodulators … Continue reading


The range of OTT by EK servers permits the transmission of IPTV signals through the hotel’s Wi-Fi network so that users may enjoy access to television channels on their mobile devices anywhere in the hotel. And all this without having to download and install specific applications. The compression technology used by the EK servers allows … Continue reading


EK has GPON technology, being the most advanced on the market for installing telecommunication infrastructures in hotels. GPON by EK allows for the provision of high speed internet connection, RF television system distribution, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), television on demand and streaming with the highest quality. It is furthermore possible to distribute IP telephony (Voice … Continue reading


The EKOAX system has been specially designed to convert the coaxial network into a data network in a very straightforward manner and without any works being necessary. The EKOAX equipment allow receiving and transmitting internet signals via the existing coaxial cable of a television installation, without any need for infrastructure intervention. By simply adding a … Continue reading